Sunday, May 20, 2012

Percy Penguin

another penguin. this one is more like what i think of when someone says penguin. and there's the Ubuntu-flavored Linux thing too. heh. he sells for $15.
this pattern comes from Amigurumi, by Lan-Anh Bui and Josephine Wan.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Supernatural - Dean

after i made Castiel, i got to thinking about the cast of Supernatural, and my favorite character... so i went looking for a pattern to make for Dean. i found it in pixrlatedmushroom's Big & Cuddly John Barrowman. i used the jacket from her Big & Cuddly David Tennant, as the Doctor's jacket was a little shorter than Cap'n John's.

the necklace that my ami Dean is wearing is an actual authentic replica of the necklace Jensen wore on the show.

this doll sells for $50, and shirt, pants, shoes, jacket, hair and eye color are all customizable.

Supernatural - Castiel

over on Ravelry, one of the groups i'm a member of picks a theme for the month for their CALs (crochet-a-longs). For May, it was "Things With Wings." Immediately my mind went to the show Supernatural and the character of Castiel - since as an angel, he would have wings. we saw them when we first "met" him in episode 4x01, Lazarus Rising.

my Castiel was a big hit with the Supernatural fans as well:

i want to thank Lucy Ravenscar, since i used her C3PO pattern as the base, and her Yoda pattern for the robe.

Castiel sells for $25.


I've also now made two Lucy Ravenscar droids, both for M:

and this is my attempt at a K-9, from Doctor Who. the pattern was translated from a knitting pattern:

each robot sells for $7.

Crafts for Others

i've been asked to make critters for others, as my friend StarryGirl wanted me to make her some Cthulhus, and Sherry wanted an elephat.

i made Lucy Ravenscar's dragon for three different people so far:
a co-worker, Kristina ($25):

Sherry again ($25):

and Jenny ($25):

i also made a Grim Reaper for rhiannon on LJ ($7):

and a mouse for Nancy, another co-worker, for her cat ($5):

Crochet Crafts by J

J, my 14-year-old daughter, has crocheted a few things as well. she was interesting to teach, because while M and i are right-handed, J is left-handed. so things were mirror-imaged.

first she made an ami version of our cat Max:

then she made a seahorse, and my friend F really liked it, so J made her another one that was exactly the same as the first:

she's also made a seahorse for my friend Jenny:

Crochet Crafts by M

i taught both my girls to crochet. M, my 11-year-old daughter, has made a few things that i wanted to showcase in this post.

her first ami was a Hello Cthulhu. i did the assembly, the wings, eyes and the bow, but she did the other parts. the head was the first part she ever really made....

then she tried a froggie....

the Flutterby was quite good:

and the Fungus/Mario Mushroom was excellent:

and she made a snail:

she really wanted to make a dragon too!