Saturday, December 29, 2012


so now that the HollyDays are over for another year, i've made some other things.

like rainbow gloves

(they're actually a little bulky and awkward.)

but the mittens are comfy~

the sweater is cozy and warm

the sparkly bag and cellphone case are shiny

and the cute snowman is cute on my collar when i'm at work

prices vary; email me at trystan830 at gmail for current prices.

HollyDays - Gift for Me!

One night, M made me dinner~

and then she made me dessert! (well, just the ice cream sandwich anyway....)

HollyDays - Gifts for the Girls

it's difficult making something when your kids are still awake! and then they go to bed at 10 p.m.! let's just say that they knew some of what they were getting. heh.

i made a lot, so i'm just going to post all the pics.

for J:
a cactus, cause she jokes about taking one to Prom

a pair of green handwarmers/fingerless gloves

an olive Punch Buggie (aka Volkswagen Beetle)

a cozy hat (she picked out the yarn)

a Bomb Bird from Angry Birds

and a pig (with the mustache) from Angry Birds

the pig without the mustache i made for M.

for M i also made:
Stitch! because she just loves him

a pair of purple handwarmers/fingerless gloves

(they don't really look purple, but they are!)
a Death Star. heh.

and the Red Bird from Angry Birds

prices vary; email me at trystan830 at gmail for current prices.

HollyDays - Gifts for Others

continuing on... i made a Phanatic for my friend F for Chanukah~

and then i surprised her mom with one!

i made a scarf for my boss:

i made a tapestry panel for my friends T & R~

and my friend Bodge asked for Groke

and Snufkin:

prices vary; email me at trystan830 at gmail for current prices.

HollyDays - Christmas with the Extended Family

we go to my inlaws on Xmas, and here's what i made for everyone:

scarves for my sister-inlaw M

and my mother-inlaw

a hat and tea mug cozy for my sister-inlaw T

and the mug inside the cozy has a "T" on it as well.

my brother-inlaw loves Taz, so hubby suggested i make him one~

and then he asked for a Sylvester for himself! hee!

prices vary; email me at trystan830 at gmail for current prices.

HollyDays - Chanukah with the Extended Family

i sent out an email to my cousins, asking what they thought their kids would like. these are the crochet critters i made for them all:

Matt is really into science.....

Sarah's reminded me more of Halloween than Chanukah...

Paxson likes blue and dragons.

Liam loves Zebras

Hannah & Lilly (they're first cousins) got one of these:

Nathan likes Mario:

my Aunt and my mom got different ones of these...

my brother J loves to play golf:

i made a hat for his wife M:

i made an Elmo (and a Dorothy, but i don't have a picture of the goldfish) for their son J (my nephew)

my brother M has a chocolate lab named Mookie:

he and his wife R also have a Siamese cat, Keppi:

I also made a Pig from Angry Birds for hubby... he does their "heh... heheheh..." real well!

prices vary; email me at trystan830 at gmail for current prices.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Floppy Hat with Brim pattern

Floppy Hat with Brim

i made this hat after i tried making one from a pattern i found online. but either it was my yarn, or my doing double crochets instead of the single crochets called for in the pattern, i couldn’t get the first few rows to lay flat…. so i tweaked it a little, and used the original pattern as a guide as to how the rows should go. please enjoy making this hat, for yourself or others, free or paid; but please do not sell the pattern.

*K hook
*chunky yarn, i used weight 6.
*worked in spirals, and rounds are not joined, use a stitch marker to keep track if you need to.
*US terminology
*BLO = Back Loop Only, FLO = Front Loop Only
MR = Magic Ring. there is a great vid tutorial at Planet June.

1. dc 8 into MR - your chain doesn’t count as a stitch. Close the ring with 1 sc, then dc into the same stitch. (9)
BLO for Rounds 2-9.
2. 2dc in each around (18)
3. 2dc in each around (36)
4. *dc in next 2, 2dc* 12 times (48)
5. dc around (48)
6. *dc in next 5, 2dc* 8 times (56)
7-9. dc around (56) (if you want to make a longer hat, add more rows here.)
10. FLO: *dc in next 1, 2dc* around (84)
11. Both Loops: *dc in next 6, 2dc* around (96)
12. hdc in first, sc around (96)
13. sc in next 3 or 4 stitches before sl st in next and finishing off.

this of course is made to fit my head. you could add another increase round after Row 6 if need be, and then adjust the rows and stitch counts accordingly.

this pattern has not been tested. please feel free to let me know of any corrections or typos by leaving a comment, or PMing me (trystan830) on ravelry.

Friday, September 14, 2012

it's beginning to look a lot like... Halloween!

Halloween is my favorite time of year! so, i made a few critters.

group shot of everyone:

a little witch:

a bigger witch, Sienna*:

their cat:

a caldron of candy corn:

Jack, of course:

Boris the Spider:


*this is Sienna's dress and shoes. while i found a pattern for the doll, and a tutorial for the hair, i made up the dress and shoes myself. i'll be posting the pattern soon, i hope.

A Guy and Gal for Day of the Dead:

and finally, a Ghost Girl for a Crochet-a-Long on

Happy Halloween!

prices vary; email me at trystan830 at gmail for current prices.