Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Birthday Gifts for my daughter J

J asked me if i was getting her anything for her birthday. i told her i wasn't getting her anything..... i made her a few things!

we started off with dinner. i mean.... dessert for dinner.

i decided to give her her presents a few days before her birthday & party (which were on the same day). first up, was another Castiel. many times, she tried taking my Castiel up to her bed room with all her other crochet toys... so i made her one of her own:

she loved my sushi/fish! she keeps calling it sooooshi. hee.

Birthday Gifts for my nephew J

my nephew will be 2 at the beginning of september. this is what i made him.

a Panda~

a Bunny with floppy ears~

and a Goldfish~

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

yes, i do have a weird sense of humor

since this is my crochet blog, you know this something i crocheted. it's a fish.

it also turns into....


Cats & Dogs

J only wanted a puppy. a real one is pretty much out of the question, so i made an ami one. heh.

M participated in a 4-week Summer Music camp, and really long story short, i dropped her off at a friend's in the morning and picked her up at the same friend's in the afternoon. so as a gift at the end of the summer, i made a dog that resembled the friend's dog, Goldie.

my friend F had a kitty named Belle, so i made her an ami version of her:

there's something about white cats, my friend R had like three of them. so i made her an ami Missy.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Potpourri of Amis

B got a new cell phone in July, and then another new one in August. don't ask. anyway, i made him a cover for it

one of the Crochet-a-Longs i participated in was to make a "Munchkin."

remember my post where i made K-9? i made him a TARDIS to go with it. it's a good thing the TARDIS really is bigger on the inside!

Crafts for Others III

a friend on LJ asked for a monkey for her niece. and she wanted a giraffe too.

another friend wanted a monkey for her son too.

and then, M decided she wanted one of each. and i crochet quicker and better than she does.

(her giraffe has purple spots. *wink*)

both the monkey and giraffe sell for $15 each.

Mario Bros Characters

i think it started back when M got a Wii for Xmas, and got Super Mario Bros to go with it. and then sometime this summer (july?) M got MarioKart Wii. so here's what we've created with the various patterns out there:

M made a Mario:

(pattern from WolfDreamer off the Hook)

J made a Chain Chomp

(pattern from WolfDreamer off the Hook)

and i made a Yoshi for my hubby (since he's Yoshi when he plays MarioKart

(pattern from

M is also in the process of making a Toadette and several Toads.