Monday, June 25, 2012

amigurumi Yoda

i'm just now getting to update this item. i made M a Yoda for her birthday back at the beginning of June. the pattern is another one of Lucy Ravenscar's.

Yoda sells for $15.

amigurumi food!

fruit is good for you, and full of fiber. right?

cupcake for M on her birthday (June 1):

donut for M too:

need to have a chocolate donut too, right?

how about some ice cream?

chocolate chip cookies:

cup of tea, anyone?

and dessert!!

i also have a cauldron full of candycorn too!

Gifts for Others

i made Bodge a wolf (he would normally sell for $10):

and i made my friend Faith a Hello Kitty, since she loves Hello Kitty and purple.

Crafts for Others II

more creations i made for others:

i made Lucy Ravenscar's dragon for another coworker, Adrienne ($25):

and for someone else on another forum, Glittersong ($25):

and Jenny asked for four kitties ($5 each):