Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Floppy Hat with Brim pattern

Floppy Hat with Brim

i made this hat after i tried making one from a pattern i found online. but either it was my yarn, or my doing double crochets instead of the single crochets called for in the pattern, i couldn’t get the first few rows to lay flat…. so i tweaked it a little, and used the original pattern as a guide as to how the rows should go. please enjoy making this hat, for yourself or others, free or paid; but please do not sell the pattern.

*K hook
*chunky yarn, i used weight 6.
*worked in spirals, and rounds are not joined, use a stitch marker to keep track if you need to.
*US terminology
*BLO = Back Loop Only, FLO = Front Loop Only
MR = Magic Ring. there is a great vid tutorial at Planet June.

1. dc 8 into MR - your chain doesn’t count as a stitch. Close the ring with 1 sc, then dc into the same stitch. (9)
BLO for Rounds 2-9.
2. 2dc in each around (18)
3. 2dc in each around (36)
4. *dc in next 2, 2dc* 12 times (48)
5. dc around (48)
6. *dc in next 5, 2dc* 8 times (56)
7-9. dc around (56) (if you want to make a longer hat, add more rows here.)
10. FLO: *dc in next 1, 2dc* around (84)
11. Both Loops: *dc in next 6, 2dc* around (96)
12. hdc in first, sc around (96)
13. sc in next 3 or 4 stitches before sl st in next and finishing off.

this of course is made to fit my head. you could add another increase round after Row 6 if need be, and then adjust the rows and stitch counts accordingly.

this pattern has not been tested. please feel free to let me know of any corrections or typos by leaving a comment, or PMing me (trystan830) on ravelry.

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