Saturday, December 29, 2012

HollyDays - Gifts for the Girls

it's difficult making something when your kids are still awake! and then they go to bed at 10 p.m.! let's just say that they knew some of what they were getting. heh.

i made a lot, so i'm just going to post all the pics.

for J:
a cactus, cause she jokes about taking one to Prom

a pair of green handwarmers/fingerless gloves

an olive Punch Buggie (aka Volkswagen Beetle)

a cozy hat (she picked out the yarn)

a Bomb Bird from Angry Birds

and a pig (with the mustache) from Angry Birds

the pig without the mustache i made for M.

for M i also made:
Stitch! because she just loves him

a pair of purple handwarmers/fingerless gloves

(they don't really look purple, but they are!)
a Death Star. heh.

and the Red Bird from Angry Birds

prices vary; email me at trystan830 at gmail for current prices.

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