Tuesday, April 17, 2012

el Stinko the Skunk

J wanted a skunk. i looked at many many patterns, and we didn't like any of them. i was looking at other animals to see what parts i could put together to make one, and a fellow Raveler, LKK6144, had made "Fleur the Fragrant Skunk," which was just awesome! i asked LKK if she would mind sharing her personal pattern, and to my delight, she did!

i started making the skunk at night, so it would be a surprise. we'd decided on traditional skunk colors even though Fleur was pink. but then almost a week later, i had to say something - since she had at this time announced she wanted it pink like Fleur. so i showed her the head and body so far, and told her if she wanted a pink skunk, she was making it. heh.

so... el Stinko the Skunk:

this pattern comes from LKK6144 on Ravelry

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